Monthly or Full Year

We believe that it doesn’t make sense to buy a student size instrument. Why buy an instrument that your child will outgrow in a year or two. That’s why we only have the full year option for student size string instrument rentals. We can offer a student size instrument for a very low price ($99.00/Year for a Violin or Viola and $210.00/Year for a Cello). The low price of the yearly rental lets the buyout account grow slowly ($50.40/year for a Violin/Viola,  $100.80/year for a cello.)  While the student moves up from one size to the next the byout account continues to grow. Most often, By the time the student reaches adult size, he/she has accumulated enough to purchase a decent fullsize instrument.

The Yearly option allows a student to learn to play at the lowest cost.

When a student reaches adult size, it’s a good time to weigh the options. Should you continue to rent on  yearly basis, Buyout the instrument or go to a monthly rental to expediate the buyout. We will be happy to discuss your options when that time comes.

The Monthly Rental is much more expensive, ($41.00/month as opposed to $114.00/year for a fullsize Violin/Viola ). But the result is that the buyout account builds at a much faster rate. ($36.00/month is accrued toward purchase.)

The Monthly rental option is ideal for an adult (or adult size student), who is already certain that he/she will continue to play long term. It gives them the opportunity to pay off the instrument in a minimum amount of time.

If you are unsure of which option is best you, call us at 781 246 4424 and we can discuss your particular situation.