String instruments are unique in that they are built in different sizes to accomidate growing children. For that reason, all students who wish to rent  a string instrument need to be fitted for that instrument by either the string teacher or by our staff at the store.

     For your convenience you are now able to pre-order a string instrument online. After pre-ordering  you can just stop by the store with your child to be macthed to an appropriate size instrument and be on your way.

Student Size String Instruments are rented on a full school year basis.

Violin Sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 Click here to reserve a student size Violin

Viola Sizes: 11″, 12″, 13″ and 14″ Click here to reserve a student size Viola

Every instrument is outfitted with a bow, rosin, shoulder pad and case

$99/ School Year ($84 rental, $5.25 Tax, $9.75 Insurance


Full Size Violins and Violas 

There are two options for Full Size Violins and Violas:

Adult size violins and violas may be rented by the Year or by the Month

Click Here to find out which option is right for you

Full size Violins are upgrade Models

Adult Viola Sizes: 15″, 15 1/2″, 16″ and 16 1/2″ (Instrument must be sized to player)

Every instrument is outfitted with a bow, rosin, shoulder pad and case

Yearly Rental for an Adult size Violin or Viola is$114/ School Year ($96 Rental, $6.00 Tax, $12.00 Insurance)

Monthly Rental for an Adult size Violin or Viola is $41.00/month ($36 Rental  $2.25 tax, 2.75 Insurance)

Full Size Violin Contracts:

Click Here for a Yearly Rental Rental Contract for a Full Size Violin 

Click Here for Monthly Rental contract for a Full size Violin


Adult Size Viola Contracts:

Click here for a Yearly Rental Contract for an Adult Viola

Click Here for a new monthly rental contract for an Adult size Viola



Cello Sizes: 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and Full Size

All Cellos are outfitted with a bow, rosin, pin stop and carrying bag

There are Three options for renting a Cello:

Full School Year: $210/year ($168 Rental $10.50 Tax, $31.50 Insurance)

Half Year rental $105/Semester ($84 Rental, $5.25 Tax. $15.75 Insurance) (Second payment due Feburary 1 2019)

Monthly rental: $55.00/Month ($48 Rental,  $3.00 Tax  $4.00 Insurance)

Monthly or Yearly, which should I chose

Rent Your Cello:

Click Here for a Full Year Cello contract

Click Here for Half Year Cello Contract

Click Here for a Monthly Cello Contract


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