New Cello Contract Full Year


The full year rental price is $225.00 which includes $176.00 rental fee $11.00 tax and $38.00 insurance. (We also have a single semester option. pay $112.50 now and another $112.50 in February.)

Rental period is through the end of June 2021. You may end the contract at any time by calling the store at 781 246 4424 or by selecting “Return Instrument” from the “Renters” menu in this webpage . Refunds will be prorated by the quarter of the school year.

Instruments are fully insured against damage, loss or theft (not including strings).  If you have any problem with the instument, we will make it right at no cost to you.

You can step up to the next size at any time.

60% on the Rental portion of the payment (less tax and insurance) accrues toward eventual purchase of a full size instrument.

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